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Fuel Your Bodies for Success

Filling our children’s snack and lunch boxes proves trying every day. We all know that most of our children prefer the standard chips, sweets and treats and we also know that these are not the best choices to help our kids brains and bodies function optimally. Here are some realistic suggestions of snacks and foods, that appear to look like kid favorites but are secretly healthier and more nutritious.

Tips to notice to when food shipping and buying pre-packaged foods: READ LABELS.

Always notice the grams of sugar (glycemic index) will determine your child’s brains reactions to sugar spikes and drops. 

Read the ingredients list. If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, try to find an alternative where you recognize the ingredients.

Stay away from preservatives and artificial sweeteners. It is better to have natural sugar, honey or maple syrup. 

Kids should not be worried about calories. We should be more concerned with teaching kids about eating healthy fats, healthy carbohydrates, whole grains, fruits, veggies, proteins, and minimally processed foods. These foods will keep their brains and bodies functioning best. 

Show your kids labels of foods when they ask questions, teach them so they are informed. Knowledge is Power.

Try to include a fruit and/or veggie everyday. A banana or apple are easy since no cutting necessary. A little container of mixed berries is easy also. Applesauce is a good alternative if no fresh fruit is available!

Carrots, Cucumbers, Celery with a little side of hummus or guacamole is a very brain healthy snack or lunch.

Don't forget some dairy- a yogurt, mini cottage cheese, string cheese, Horizon shelf friendly milk.