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Tips for Staying Active During Winter Months

As it gets colder and many fall outdoor sports move inside, many kids will become much more sedentary as we enter the winter months.  Here are some fun tips for keeping your kids safely moving even when it's cold and wet outside:


**Create A Movement Jar

If you’re getting stuck on what to do to get the kids moving, add these ideas and a few others to a ‘movement jar’. This can be your place to turn to if you find yourself tapped out on what to do to keep your kids active. Fill it up with slips of paper with different phrases and activities that call for some sort of movement. They can be as simple as “crab walk around the house” to more complex like “ice skate in the back yard” but either way, these ideas will get everyone moving when you feel as though you have no ideas.


Get outside, just because it's cold out doesn't mean you can't still go play outside.   Encourage walking around the block, or biking/walking to and from school.

**Set Up An Indoor Activity Space

Another great way to keep your kids active in the winter is by setting up an indoor space where they can be active. Set up a corner in the basement or even have one room become the play area during a specific time of day. Designating this area will help your kids feel more comfortable about getting exercise and movement in while indoors. Grab a few medicine balls, tape a hopscotch on the floor, or even get some playsets that work in your space!