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Field Trips and Programs

OGS PTA Science Programs
Organized and/or Sponsored by the PTA

Find Programs for the 2023-2024 School Year HERE.

Sample Science Programs


  • "Birds of Prey" – New Canaan Nature Center brings birds to the classroom
  • "Weather or Not" – High Touch High Tech performs weather related experiments
  • “Get Buggy” – High Touch High Tech unveils the incredible world of insects and spiders
  • "Embassy Envoy" – Animal Embassy delights students with lessons in zoology and ecology

Grade 1:

  • "Force of Habitat" – High Touch High Tech introduces physics
  • "Amazing Adaptations" – Animal Embassy explores animal adaptations
  • "Metamorphic Mystery" – Animal Embassy provides insight into how animals change

Grade 2:

  • "What's the Matter" – High Touch High Tech gives an over-view of Solids and Gases.
  • "Chemistry Sensations" – High Touch High Tech helps kids investigate mystery substances
  • "Soil Science" – Students travel to the Greenwich Audubon Society to sift through the forest
  • “Give Me Dirt” – High Touch High Tech explores how soils are made, classified and used by plants and animals
  • “Science of Soil” – Stamford Museum & Nature Center explores the living and non-living components of the soil
  • “What’s Up With Plants” – Stamford Nature Center presents the life cycle and importance of plants, from roots to shoots

Grade 3:

  • "The Changing Earth: Let’s Rock " – CT Science Center compares and contrasts the conditions under which Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary rocks are formed
  • “Dragons and Dreams” – Sciencetellers demonstrate the principles of fire and ice with dry ice, flash paper and exploding bottles
  • “Dig It” – High Touch High Tech uncovers the mysteries of rock formation and crystalline structure.
  • "Amazing Adaptations" – Animal Embassy explores adaptations

Grade 4:

  • "Land and Water" – Stamford Nature Center presents the watershed
  • “Microclimates” – Garden Education Center of Greenwich guides students in constructing terrariums and climate studies
  • "Newton in a Nutshell" – High Touch High Tech helps students understand gravity
  • "Currently Attractive" – High Touch High Tech explains magnetism and electricity
  • “Long Island Sound Study” – Greenwich Audubon educators guide students along the coast to learn about watersheds, estuaries, and coastal wildlife
  • "Sound Waters" – Students travel to Sound Waters to study Long Island Sound ecology

Grade 5:

  • "Be Sensible" – High Touch High Tech explores the brain and nervous system
  • "Power of Light" – High Touch High Tech demonstrates principles of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • “Hayden Planetarium” – Students travel into New York City to study astronomy

After School Enrichment:

  • “Cool Kids' Science!” – Students participate in interactive Chemistry and Physics experiments taught by Greenwich High School teens who have excelled in Honors and Advanced Placement Science classes; course work created by AP GHS science teachers
  • “Global Doctors Anatomy” – The licensed physicians of Level Up Village provide anatomy lessons and instruction in dissection
  • “We Do Robotics” – Bricks & Motors takes students through the steps of constructing and modeling their robotic creations
  • “Science Exploration” – Little Scholars helps students discover, experiment, and create as they learn about the colliding worlds of art and science in this STEAM-based class.