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School Improvement Plan

For the past two years at Old Greenwich School our focus has been on specific strategies including using the workshop model as the framework for instruction and accountable talk as a strategy to improve problem solving. Within these strategies, children learned to communicate their reasoning and develop perseverance in solving problems.

In the 2015-2016 school year and ongoing, the staff at Old Greenwich School will use unit assessments, performance tasks and STAR assessments to personalize learning. Through data analysis and progress monitoring we will identify students in need of enrichment or re-teaching, and support these students through small group and independent instruction with a variety of resources including, but not limited to, digital apps.

As noted in the “Getting Started” document, “The Digital Learning Environment" (DLE) is designed to provide teachers with the resources necessary to both innovate and differentiate instruction according to the needs of each student and for students to personalize their own learning, making choices about how they learn and present their new knowledge. The DLE should inspire teachers to implement creative technology practices as the District continues full implementation (DLE).

The District expects that every teacher will take a blended approach to lesson design and delivery, and will use the devices, as appropriate, to facilitate student learning…While all of the DLE educational goals are meaningful and transformative, buildings/programs are encouraged to begin their journey by focusing on one goal within their first year of practice.

DLE goals:

  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking of online content
  • Students will self-regulate learning
  • Students will receive quality feedback on their work
  • Learning will be more personalized OGS will focus on

Goal Four: Learning will be more personalized for students. The purpose of this goal is to allow teachers the ability to personalize their instruction to meet the needs of all students by using research-based proven strategies. “When we ask ourselves how much instruction during the course of a typical school day does each student get exactly on the skill they’re working on, and in the amount that is right for them, the answer is very little,” says Joel Rose, a former teacher who has been instrumental in the development and expansion of the School of One. “By leveraging technology to play a role in the delivery of instruction,” he says, “we can help to complement what live teachers do.

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School Improvement Plans support the Greenwich Public Schools 2022-2027 Strategic Plan.

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